Chapter 1, The New Media Designer: Review Questions

  1. One attribute that can be found in new media but not in more traditional media is the ability to mix varying mediums. A presentation can include audio, video, text, and pictures mixed together.
  2. Interactivity is the ability of users to affect content. An example is a comment section on a blog post. Viewers are able to add new information and thoughts by leaving comments on the existing blog post.
  3. Images and text are two types of media that can be used in a new media project.
  4. An artist and a designer use similar skills, but an artist creates works for presentation and a designer develops something utilitarian.
  5. A technology/visual communication system consists of three parts: the creation, which is how a digital image is created; the delivery, which is how a viewer receives an image; and the display, which is how the image is made visible to the viewer.
  6. Pixels are tiny dots on a screen that make up digital images.

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