Images of Attention


The image on the left is beautiful and splendidly done. It has an attractive color scheme and a clear meaning that work well together. The message appears to be that smoking tobacco from a hookah is no healthier than smoking normal cigarettes. The idea of a hookah made of cigarettes is very creative and was executed very effectively. It looks like a photo of a real sculpture.

The murky colors emphasize a sense of bleakness and toxicity associated with smoking. It feels very dirty to look at, which was clearly the intention of the designer. It does an excellent job of making hookahs look and feel very unappealing. There is also plenty of space around the text and picture. It doesn’t feel clunky or cluttered.

The image on the right looks like it is intended make the viewer’s eyes bleed. The colors are all densely saturated, very bright, and they don’t work well together. The magenta borders blend in with the red background enough to be ineffective at breaking up space and are bright enough to draw attention anyway. There is also not enough space. This layout feels very cluttered. While definitely easily legible, the yellow text looks terrible with the red. The bit of green text is difficult to read against the background. The duck pixel art graphic would probably look decent if it was on a more suitable background and smaller.

This image makes me feel overwhelmed. There is just too much to look at and too much color. It is almost enough to make me feel physically tired just looking at it. Whenever I look at the picture, I want to immediately get it off of my screen and replace it with something more cohesive. Just getting rid of the red background and replacing it with something darker and less saturated would help a lot.


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