“Screenagers” Documentary


Two moms have produced a documentary about the effect of computers and phones on teenagers. In general, they see the increase in screen time as overall bad and cite several sources regarding the negative effects. One study cited showed that lab mice had more difficulty navigating a maze after exposure to bright screens and that the effects of impaired learning and memory were permanent. I take issue with this because mice are very distinctly different from humans in that they are far more primitive. I will acknowledge that computers and the internet have reduced people’s long term memory, but it is not without a silver lining. To compensate, people have become better at finding information and evaluating how reliable it is. The article suggests putting teenagers in more after-school programs to decrease the time they spend in front of screens. I never had any interest in extra-curricular activities as a younger teenager and I highly doubt my parents would have done any good at all by forcing me into them. They would have only made me even more stressed out than I already was. As long as I live under my mom’s roof, her policy is that as long as it does not interfere with my school work, she doesn’t care how much time I spend on the computer. I think this is a great policy. It is not like I am a zombie on my computer, the device is a powerful creative outlet. I am a musician and my computer is my main tool for creating and writing music. Restricting how much time I spend with it would effective restrict me as an artist and place a dampener on my creativity.


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