Could Digital Media be at Risk?

This article, titled “Digital Media’s Promise Could Be Undermined by its Impermanence” Discusses concerns of digital information being lost as technology evolves. This is because internet domains can disappear if they aren’t maintained, obsolete methods of storage, such as floppy disks and cassette tapes are difficult for modern technology to read, and as operating systems evolve, old data can become unusable. This is at least worthy of some attention. While I’m sure very few people can imagine what would replace them, digital computers and the internet as we know it now could become obsolete one day. Unlike information written in physical documents, digital information is useless without a machine capable of reading and displaying it. However, it seems a bit far fetched to imagine our society fading from history because technology evolved faster than we could back our information up. While they aren’t wide spread, devices capable of reading floppy disks and cassettes are still available. You can even still buy vinyl records and record players. Even AM radio is still used today. Not only are these mediums still around, information has transcended them and become digital. Old music and TV shows are available on the internet. I imagine something similar will happen to today’s media when digital computers become obsolete.


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