Digital Media Blogs

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica

This blog focuses on the business aspects of design. It has several writers and posts are long winded and infrequent. The main thing that caught my attention about this blog is its name. It is so difficult to merely scroll past such a name as “Sex, Drugs, & Helvetica” that I just had to include it here. This reminds me that nobody actually follows the old proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover.” If you want to get anywhere, you have to get noticed and if you want to get noticed, you need a strong image.

The Blog of Mr-Cup

Mr-Cup is the pseudonym of a French graphic designer named Fabien Barral. His bio mentions “1 year and half of a hobo life.” I have not been able to figure out if he was homeless or if that means something else, but I am very curious. His blog features much shorter and more frequent updates and focuses more on design itself than business. The aesthetically pleasing pictures are the main attribute that catches my attention. There are a few areas with yellow text on a white background that I found annoying and hard to read.

David Airey

David Airey is a graphic designer and author who specializes in brand identity. He is self employed and works with companies around the world. He helps companies develop distinct visual identities. His blog is simply titled “” He posts about interesting information and events related to graphic design. I find the simple, stripped-down, black-on-white look of his blog to be very pleasing. Brand identity is important because image is almost everything.

Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray designs book covers. His blog, titled “Daniel Benneworth-Gray,” appears to function as an online portfolio. It is extremely minimalist and contains only a short bio, links to other social media sites, and book covers he has designed. This blog reminds me that “don’t judge a book by its cover” is bad advice that nobody follows. I like how this blog includes only the essentials and omits unneeded details. It really allows viewers to focus on the content.

The Logo Smith

Graham Smith is a logo designer. He blogs about logo design and gives some tips to designers. Logos are important because they are a symbol that is attached to a name. Sometimes, a logo is more synonymous with a company than the company’s name.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist and author. She is well known for the “Daily Drop Cap” project. She offers advice to designers on her blog and also uses it as an online portfolio. Her beautiful and quite creative work with letters really caught my eye.

I Love Typography

As the title suggests, this blog is related to typography. It is run by John Boardley, a writer and publisher. He mostly posts articles about fonts and typography. The blog has an interesting side bar that features special fonts for each month. My attention was caught by Cowhand and Obsidian in particular. Most of my life, I really didn’t care about fonts, but something changed around a month ago I have rapidly developed a fascination with typography.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a blog dedicated to logo design and brand identity. It is also the name of a book on the same subject. It is run by David Airey. He posts interesting articles about logos.

Aisle One

Aisle One serves as a place to get inspiration. It follows a minimalist, content-central design. The content is further emphasized by the fact that the author seems to be anonymous.

Creative Curio

Creative Curio is dedicated to graphic design. It is run by Lauren Marie. It rebels against the current design trend of minimalism, but does it with style. The one aspect of the design that bothers me is the default blue hyperlinks. They look ugly and out of place and I just feel a page with this level of custom visuals deserves better.


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