Sound boards on the internet

Super Mario Brothers Soundboard

I grew up with video games, so this one definitely has an appeal that plays off of nostalgia. I like how true it stays to the visual theme. Every aspect of it is somehow related to Super Mario Bros. The icons instead of words create a very visual interface.

George W. Bush Soundboard

This one has a minimalist visual design. I like the organised grid and the uniform blue bubbles, but I would prefer the board to be wider and for the picture to be off-center. It seems like it would be difficult to use this board for a conversation as it is missing basic interactions.

Homer Simpson Soundboard

This board has more lines and looks more suitable for a joke conversation. The gradient on every button is a bit overkill and is a bit hard on the eyes.

Leeroy Jenkins Soundboard

Simplicity in its purest form. This board has only one button and only one sound. This would be a problem, except that it is the only sound you should ever need.

Heavy Weapons Guy Soundboard

I like how this stays true to the aesthetic of Team Fortress 2, the game Heavy Weapons Guy is from, but I wish it would include at least one sample of Heavy introducing himself. The TF2 theme playing every time the soundboard is loaded or returned to page one is a bit annoying.

George Takei Soundboard

This one has more images than most soundboards I have seen, which makes it a bit more interesting to look at. I also like the columns of varying widths. However, this board lacks a good introduction and doesn’t have a “stop sound” button.

Portal Soundboard

This is probably the most aesthetically appealing soundboard I have seen. The shiny 3D background is attractive and the handwritten font contrasts well. Most of the lines are very funny, even out of context.

Space Ghost Soundboard

I completely forgot Space Ghost even existed until I stumbled across this. I like how the colors are based on the colors of Space Ghost’s spandex hero suit. I think the button text should be in a simpler font.


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