DS 106 Week One: Bootcamp

I have set up various social media profiles for school related content. I also helped record an informative audio track to be played in Clyde Kansas during the town’s anniversary.

I uploaded this picture of my cat to flickr.


The most interesting thing I did this week was create this trailer on my Youtube Channel. Most of my other social media introductions were related to this video. I put a lot of effort into it and I think it turned out really well.

On Twitter, I just shared the video, There isn’t really anything I could have done that would have been better.

On Soundcloud, I uploaded the song I made specially for the trailer. I paired it with a digital painting I never quite finished, but I think it looks pretty good how it is.

My earliest memory of using the internet is playing flash games on the Cartoon Network website. That was back when computer monitors were square and bulky, not flat and sleek like they are today. I never really interacted with anyone over the internet until years later.

I found this article about the history and functionality of transistors that I thought was interesting. I think it is important to have a basic understanding of transistors and their history because computers would be very different without transistors. Just imagine trying to game or edit videos using a vacuum tube computer. It would probably get so hot, you would need to wear a protective suit to even be near it.


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