Interesting Copyright Articles

I was assigned to read two articles from a list and discuss them. I read this article about a woman who sued Getty for $1 billion because they exploited her public domain photographs for profit. She became aware of this exploitation when she received a letter accusing her of copyright infringement for using her own photo on her website. She learned that they have been sending similar letters to other users of almost 20,000 of her photographs.

This is a scary story. I have no problem with letting content creators use my art and music for free, but I would be pretty livid if a corporation tried to exploit my work for profit like that. This really illustrates the importance of proving copyright of your work before someone else steals it. On Deviantart, it isn’t all that rare for me to see deviants I watch post journals about art theft. It actually happened to me one time. I saw a journal about a website stealing work from Deviantart, so I checked it out, and sure enough, I saw some of my art there. Since it was a small site and I honestly just found the entire situation kind of funny, I chose not to do anything.

I also read this article about Disney suing EDM (electronic dance music) musician Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5 over his iconic mouse logo. They claimed it looks too similar to Mickey mouse and could confuse consumers. I looked more into the situation and found this article stating that the case was settled and Zimmerman has been allowed to register a trademark for his mouse helmet logo to appear on licensed merchandise.

I was initially drawn to this article because I am a fan of Deadmau5. EDM is my favorite style of music. He made some very funny tweets during the dispute, such as this:

and this:


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