Belle’s Awful Taste in Men

This is my response to the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction assignment, for which you must use this crossover idea generator to create a writing prompt. I refreshed the page several times for two fandoms I have at least a vague degree of familiarity with. I settled on this one.beuterman.png

Writing this fanfiction helped me not take things so seriously. Sometimes, a little bit of ridiculous is okay, even preferable. Working on this was excellent comic relief between working on Physics and Expository Writing. Without further ado, here is the fanfiction:

It was a dark night. Belle was running swiftly, but carefully through the woods. She had escaped a decrepit castle after being captured and held by a frightening beast. She tripped over a hidden branch and found herself face to face with a tall, faceless figure. Tentacles appeared from behind its back and lashed toward her. Whack! The tentacles were intercepted by a familiar figure, the beast. He succeeded in driving the mysterious figure away, but he was seriously wounded. Belle decided to take him back to the castle to nurse his wounds.

“What was that?” Belle asked.

“The Slenderman” Beast answered. “He hangs out it the woods stalking and kidnapping travelers, especially children.” Belle felt her heart rate increase.

“You saved me.” Belle looked away. She noticed an ominously familiar figure in a window. “I see him, its the Slenderman!” she exclaimed. The Slenderman slithered through the open window. “Woah, now that I get a better look at him, he’s kind of handsome.” Belle commented.

“What!” roared the beast, “We are in grave danger and all you can think about is how attractive he is?” Slenderman readied his tentacles once again. Beast charged him. The two became locked in intense combat, they seemed nearly equally powerful.

“Wait!” Belle chimed in “I know a better way to settle this. I have romantic feelings for both of you, so why don’t we settle this with a beauty pageant.” Slenderman and Beast both tilted their heads in confusion but decided Belle’s suggestion was better than fighting.

Beast’s various living appliances set up a makeshift stage. The pageant was ready to begin. Belle sat alone in the judge booth. Beast and Slenderman emerged from the curtains sporting tank tops and hot pants. A new kind of battle raged late into the night. A battle of signing, dancing, and underwater basket weaving. The kitchen sink sulked, feeling dejected over having been the only item not included in the competition. Belle scratched her head as she carefully considered her options. Finally, she spoke. “The winner is, Slenderman!” She ran up to slenderman and grabbed his hand. The two of them ran out into the woods together.

“I can’t believe it,” Beast mused “I’m going to be a monster forever.”


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