Poor Little Camera Dying in the Hospital

I read an article titled The Death of Photography: Are Camera Phones Destroying an Art Form? It discusses the effect smart phone cameras are having on professional photographers. It is becoming harder and harder to find work as a photographer because in a world where nearly everyone has a mobile camera that takes decent pictures, professional photographers are redundant and not worth the money. People tend to spam many photos of the same thing and hope one turns out okay rather than artistically compose a photo with the lenses.Smart phone camera photos look good on screen, but bad when printed because they aren’t high resolution. People don’t have clear memories of events because they spent most of their time taking photos. The article frequently uses the word “democratizing” to describe what is happening to the photography industry, as the power to document is being given to the masses and is no longer exclusive to the few.

I think there is definitely truth to the idea that photography as a profession is dying, but the spread of camera phones is ultimately for the better. Photographic documentation as a technology being readily available to the masses is one hell of a silver foil to one particular career drying up. I am also a firm believer that competition breeds excellence. I don’t think fewer professional photographers is a bad thing if it means the handful of professionals who do get work are the very best. I would love to be a professional musician and chase my passion as a career, but I know there is a 99% chance it will never happen. That is why I am in college for a versatile degree in digital media. I’m not going to sit around crying that the world is cruel and unfair just because what I love to do isn’t really a service the world needs. I’m going to fully accept my odds and pursue a safe and stable job while doing what I love on the side as a hobby. Let’s just face it. No one really wants to be a janitor, a cashier, or a french fry cook, but these are services the world needs. If everyone got their dream jobs and had all their little wishes come true, it would be an absolute disaster for the entire world.


2 thoughts on “Poor Little Camera Dying in the Hospital

  1. Did the image capture a story and why is it adding or not…I don’t believe photography will die..rather evolve into/with/alongside other artistic expressions…I see photography as a way of knowing…but I don’t know ☺️🤓 thanks for your post…


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