Natural Light Portrait.

After reading about taking portraits with natural light in Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes, I took this photo of my dad:


I set the camera to Portrait mode to take a few, so I could make sure I got a decent shot for reference, but then I set it to custom and took several more. The shot above was taken in custom mode. We stood under the overhang on the front porch to diffuse the light. I achieved the blurry background by standing back a few meters and zooming in with the camera lens. I had to brace my elbows against my chest and hold my breath to stop the camera from swaying. I took a few shots where the camera moved while I was shooting and I didn’t quite get his entire face in the shot.IMG_7011.JPG

I also took this less than optimal shot where for some reason, the tree in the background is in perfect focus. Photobombed by a tree! I switched places with him so he wouldn’t be standing so close to anything in the background. IMG_7005.JPG


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