Photoshop: Evolution or Epidemic?

I have spent some time watching videos and reading articles about Photoshop and the effects Photoshopping people beyond what is natural has had on our perception of reality. When News outlets are allowed to twist and distort facts, I don’t see why Photoshopped images should require disclaimers. I think that if you are so worried about the effect Photoshopped images will have on your children, it is your responsibility as a parent to talk to them about it. If there were laws regarding Photoshopped images in magazines, enforcing them would be totally unfeasible anyway. Unless it is really obvious and over the top, it would be really exhausting to try to prove that an image was edited. I also believe the uncanny valley will ensure perfection is only pushed so far. The human body can only be warped and manipulated so far before it ceases to look human, and when this starts to happen, the models will be perceived as creepy and not attractive.


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