Someone Important Might Live Closer than You Think!

Fellow Kansans, I point you to Jim Richardson as an example. He is a photographer who works for National Geographic. He has a studio in Lindsborg Kansas called “Small World Gallery.” He posts his work on Flickr.

Thunderstorm over Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. The Great Plains has always struck me as a blank slate where you could see people acting out their inner dramas. @natgeo @natgeocreative #nebraska #weather

This photo of his immediately caught my eye because of its novelty. How do cars even get stacked like that? The Government? Aliens? College students putting off important assignments? When looking for design elements at play, I first noticed the rule of thirds. The tops of the cars reach about a third of the way up the picture and the front-facing car on the left falls roughly a third to the left. I then noticed it is all cool colors except for the white flash of lighting with a warm hue of violet around it. The ground looks rough and bristly and the lightning bolt is quite harsh and angular, but the rest of the picture has a very smooth and soft texture.

Urquhart Castle ruins overlooking Loch Ness. In Scotland and it was gloomy this morning, just right. @natgeocreative @natgeotravel #scotland

The gray sky in this photo immediately jumps out at me. It gives the photo a very dark and spacey feeling. The crumbly old building falls on a third line. The warm colors of the buildings create a distinct contrast from the cool colors of the grass, trees, sky, and water.

Inside a Neolithic burial cairn in Ireland. My kind of place. Another of the images I chose for my show The iPhone Eye. @natgeo @natgeocreative #ireland #ruins #iphone

The rocks blocking out the sky in the foreground give this picture a very tight and constricted feel. The dull, cool colors and overall low contrast also contribute to this. The tall rock on the right appears to line up with a third.


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