Digital Media Week 4: Digital Photography

To kick this week off, I read an article titled The Death of Photography: Are Camera Phones Destroying an Artform? I wrote a response, which I titled Poor Little Camera Dying in the Hospital.

I then looked at some of the work of Jim Richardson, a National Geographic Photographer who lives in Lindsborg Kansas.

Thunderstorm over Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. The Great Plains has always struck me as a blank slate where you could see people acting out their inner dramas. @natgeo @natgeocreative #nebraska #weather

I wrote my response, titled Someone Important Might Live Closer than You Think!

Next, I used tips from Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes to shoot this picture of my dad:


More on that here.

I also shot this photo of a cactus from my parents’ garden:


I wrote about the experience in my blog-post titled Gee, That’s One Edgy Looking Flower!

I also watched several videos and read about the Photoshop phenomena and wrote this response.

I also had to complete 8 stars worth of visual assignments from the assignment bank.

For 4 stars, I completed the That’s Not What I Expected assignment. I had to take a close up photo of an object that makes it difficult to tell what the object is. Here is my blog-post about the experience.carrot

For another 4 stars, I completed The Forrest Gump Project. To simulate how Forrest Gump frequently appeared in historic moments, I had to shop myself into a historic photograph. More about the experience heremeinhistory

Finally, I had to complete 3 daily create assignments.

The first was to celebrate national Dot day with an image of a dot. Because dot means “damage over time” to me, I drew a video game character capable of inflicting damage over time instead of a traditional dot.

The second was to compose sheet music. The musical staff has 5 lines and my bass has 4 strings. I took a photo of my bass and then drew an extra line above the strings to serve as the fifth line. I wrote notes on the image using the strings as the staff and then filmed a video of myself playing the notes on the very same bass I used as the staff.

My third and final daily create was to put a caption on an image of a lama. I used the image that was shown on the daily create and I gave it a goofy, kind of flirty caption using fairly standard meme language.



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