Something isn’t Quite Right

This is my response to The Forrest Gump Project assignment. I had to photo-edit myself into a historic photograph.

I really like how it looks like the kid driving the car is giving me the stink eye. I imagine he is thinking “Who is this with her futuristic looking clothing?” The other kids look like they are trying to ignore me, but they can’t hide their discomfort with the future lady. Perhaps they want the camera man to hurry up and shoo me away, but he knows this is a legendary photo opportunity.

I found this picture of some kids in a car I liked. I like that it is a nice, wide shot that I can relatively easily stick another person in without the angles being inconsistent.


I shopped in this photo of myself in a goofy pose. I looked for a picture of me with similar lighting and camera angles to the old photo so the picture would look consistent, even though my clothing makes it quite obvious I’m not from the same time as those kids.IMG_5469.JPG


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