Sound Effects

I listened to Moon Graffiti as an example of audio storytelling. It is a radio drama about what would have happened if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had crashed on the moon and remained there forever. There is far more going on that simple verbal dialogue. The voices are distorted to sound as though they are spoken through radio transmitters, which helps take the listener back in time. Throughout the audio, there are sounds of light, airy, atmospheric synths with some semblance of a choir. These synths help set the scene in outer space and create feelings of suspense and foreboding. The loud, violent sounds that play when the lander crashes create a feeling of chaos and jar the listener. The eerie harp music that plays toward the beginning and end of the program creates a sense of unrest. It makes it irresistible for the listener to just sit and think “what if?” It is a dark note to end on.


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