You Won’t Believe who the Next Real House Wife is!

This is my response to the Real Housewives Tagline assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to create a tagline to be used in a hypothetical situation where I am the next star on Real Housewives. Here is my tagline:

I wanted to go with something kind of goofy, but kind of flirty at the same time. This display of overconfidence is meant to be a thin veil for the not so well hidden insecurities of an arrogant housewife. Situations like this make me really glad Hotz is my last name. I recorded this using Reaper.

I then used Reafir, a built in plugin that comes with Reaper, to remove the background noise from the recording.

Screenshot (288).png

I then used Renaissance EQ to to slightly modify my voice. I didn’t do anything super drastic here. I mainly just cut some of the resonance out of my voice and further eliminated background noise. I also have PAZ-frequency open to help me see the frequencies I am working with.

Screenshot (289).png

I finally added DeEsser to the track to take the harshness out of my “s” consonants, such is in the word “it’s” and in my last name. I got all of these plugins except Reafir in the Waves Silver bundle while it was on sale for an amazing price. Screenshot (290).png


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