Could Musical Instruments Be Obsolete Within the Next 5 Years?

This is my response to the Sound Scapes assignment, worth 4.5 stars. I had to create a piece of sound using only “found sounds.” “Found sounds” is a very nebulous term, so I interpreted it to mean “sounds from objects I found around the house.” I went ahead and decided to create a song, because that is what I like to do. This whole song has a very metallic sound to it because most of the sounds were made with metal mixing bowls. I like to think this song was created when a hip-hop beat maker sieged and took control of a scrap-yard or a machinist shop.

All recording and editing was done in Reaper. The kick drum was made by plugging an old pair of headphones into the microphone jack of my computer and tapping the back of one of the phones. The hi-hat sound is from a can of compressed air. The snare sound was created by slapping a cardboard box. The crash cymbal noise is a metal sign I struck with my thumb. I put each of these sounds in their own track and grouped them together in a drum track. I bass boosted drum track and used a plugin called IMPusher to improve the sounds.

The trippy metallic noises were made with metal bowls of various sizes. I pit a little bit of water in each bowl, then struck and shook them. The lead bell noise was made by tapping the smallest metal bowl with a spoon while it was empty and then pitch shifting the sample.

This track would sound so cool with someone rapping over the top of it.



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