Uber Awesome Digital Media Radio Show Proposal :3

My digital Media class will be creating a radio show this semester. My professor has asked for my thoughts on topics. I’m not very good at thinking of general ideas or topics because I am honestly more of a detail person, so here is something very specific we could do on one particular episode. I have a classmate who plays bass guitar and I also play bass guitar. I don’t know how possible this is, but I feel like it would be pretty legendary if we had a bass battle at some point in the semester. It would, of course, be more of a fun battle than a competitive battle as we should be building each other up and not tearing each other down. I have a bass drum mic that does a pretty good job of recording bass guitar as well that we could use if there aren’t better options available. Really deep, loud instruments like bass drums and bass guitars tend to clip and distort like crazy when recorded through ordinary microphones. They can also ruin microphones if you aren’t careful. We would obviously still need another mic for recording our voices, so this would give us good practice at recording and/or broadcasting with multiple microphones.


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