Digital Media Week 6 – Design

The focus of this week was graphic design. I started by reading assigned articles and then writing a response to them.

I then went on a designblitz, in which I took numerous photos of design in the real world and then wrote about how they utilized the elements of design.

I completed 10 stars worth of design assignments from the DS106 assignment bank.

My first one was the Simple but Complex which asked me to design a logo that is both simple and complex. Can You Decipher all the Hidden Meanings of this Logo?rect4775

Next, I completed the A Digital Reflection of Myself assignment which asked me to create a digital doppelganger of myself. It was Just Like a Mirror.


Finally, I completed the Motivational Poster assignment which asked me to make a motivational poster. I gave some pretty good advice.


I also completed 3 daily create assignments.

The first one was to photograph an example of concentric circles in my world. I took a picture of the top of my beautiful Udu. As I explained last week, Udus are African musical instruments played with the hands.

Next, I had to take a picture of something modern and retro-fy it. I used my Wacom graphics tablet.

Finally, I had to take a picture of a book I will never part with. I took a picture of all 4 of my dream journals. I try to write in them every morning when I wake up, but I don’t always have a clear enough recollection of my dreams to write anything. They contain so many memories I could not keep without them that trashing them would essentially be trashing a part of my mind and I could never do that.



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