What a Fresh Coat of Memes Can do

This is my response to the Remake That Genre! assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to find two versions of the same song in different genres and compare and contrast them.  Here we have “Death By Glamour,” the theme that plays during the player’s battle against Mettaton EX in Toby Fox’s Undertale. The song is a cross between a retro video game style and a dramatic runway anthem. It is a bit of a strange combination for a boss fight anthem, but it fits the character’s over-the-top, outrageous, and showboating personality and the reality-show theme of the fight extremely well.

Now here is a cover of the song played entirely on pitch-shifted air-horn samples for a red-hot dank meme MLG (major league gaming) sound.

I picked this song and this particular cover for a very special reason. Undertale is a great example of a game that became extremely popular because of the internet. For a while, it was really difficult to go anywhere on the internet without seeing Undertale fanart. All of this fan generated noise and content got more people to play the game and then more people created fanart and music about it. It was an excellent example of an internet feedback loop.

The cover I picked is a great example of what happens to content that gets popular on the internet. “Death by Glamour” got the meme treatment. The air horn is a harsh, loud, and shrill tool often used at sporting events by fans to show support for their favorite teams. This spread to the world of video games and the humble air horn became a symbol of competitive gaming. Any song can now be turned into an MLG anthem through the use of the destroyer of eardrums.

My preference between these two versions of this song is definitely for the original. This should be no surprise, as the airhorn remix is not intended to be enjoyable to listen to. It is meant to be funny and annoying and it is meant to bring people together through common interests and the universal language of memes. It is a great example of internet culture and Undertale is a great example of what happens when content creators embrace internet culture.


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