Stop Taking the Internet so Seriously

This is my response to the 911, What’s Your Emergency? assignment worth 3.5 stars. All recording was done in Reaper. I used built in plugins to remove background noise from the recordings and I played around a bit with the equalization of my voice. The background music is something I made myself a long time ago, so I’m pretty sure I have full rights to use it. I think it fits the situation well because it is tense and apprehensive, much like a call to 911, but it is still kind of goofy sounding, much like this entire situation.

I chose to make this project relate back to the semester’s overarching theme of the internet. This is the story of someone who sees something offensive on Twitter and freaks out. This story is a reference to how people take stupid things said on the internet way too seriously sometimes. If you are someone who does this, I am asking you, for the good of the world, to please calm down. The 911 operator’s willingness to immediately act without even hearing what exactly happened is a reference to the tendency of the media and of individuals to jump to irrational conclusions based on incomplete evidence. In an era where information is readily available in mass quantities, we must take special precautions to monitor and analyze all of the data we take in.


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