Digital Media Week 7: Internet Radio

This same theme of radio will continue into week 8 as we create a radio show as a class. My first assignment was a blog-post reporting my progress toward completing the radio show.

Second, I had to create a promotional poster for the radio show.


I also had to comment on at least 12 posts by other students. I have links to all of my comments for the week here. I didn’t want this summary post to be too long, so I figured it was better to break this part into its own post.

I also had to complete at least 10 stars worth of audio assignments from the assignment bank.

First, I wrote a blog-post, titled “What a Fresh Coat of Memes Can do” comparing two different versions of the same song.

Then, I made a short skit about calling 911 with a fake emergency. I used it as an opportunity to plea with people around the world to Stop Taking the Internet so Seriously.

Finally, I made a short radio advertisement asking people for an answer to the question: Who Will Lead us Without Harambe?

No daily creates were assigned for this week, but I did two anyway.

First, I wrote a poem about silence in the shape of something related to silence. I repeated “1-2-3-4-” in the shape of a quarter rest to symbolize silence in music.

I also took a photo of my plush collection. Aren’t they adorable?



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