Week 7: My comments

Here is a list of comments I left on Twitter and ds106bond this week. I don’t know of any way to link to a specific comment, so for the blog-posts, I just linked to the post I commented on. Most of them have less than four comments, so my comments shouldn’t be difficult find. Some of my comments may not have been approved by the admins of the blogs yet. I found myself criticizing people for noisy microphones a lot. Maybe I should make a tutorial for fixing that sometime! I also criticized a couple of bumper stickers for being difficult to read and I left some clever replies to daily creates. I tried to always give compliments before critiques to make other students more open to my advice, but I jumped the gun with my criticism on several of these. Oops, I guess I need to reign in my inner critic just a little bit.

Customize A Pair Of Shoes

Design Thoughts


Clown PSA from Chief of Police

Internet gene commercial 4 star

Creepy Radio Bumper

Design Project

Radio Show Bumper Sticker

History 2.0 Logo



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