Radio Show Update 2

We are creating a radio show in my digital media class to be broadcasted on the ds106 radio station. On thursay, we went to the school recording studio as a class to record our responses to “questions for millennials.” I edited a short snippet of it. I have also created some additional content for the broadcast. My biggest contribution was this collaborative project. It is a bass battle between myself and my classmate Michael. I added some cheesy narration to make it more interesting and to make it easier to tell who is playing what. I made a little story out of it. The bass tone isn’t as good as I would like because I had to really kill the highs to get rid of the buzzing in the recording. Overall, this was a fun project and I am very proud of it.

This is a commercial I made that will likely air during a break.

This bumper I created a few weeks ago is also likely to make an appearance.


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