Week 8: Radio part 2

This is the second week my digital media class spent on radio.

The radio show will be posted in its entirety when everyone has finished editing their snippets and when all the transitions and breaks have been added.


This post details my personal contributions.

I was also required to leave 12 comments this week. See them all here.

I was assigned 3 daily creates this week.

First, I took an autumn photo of the birdbath and the flower garden in front of my house. As you can see, not everything is completely dead yet!

Then, I made a photo using words. I vividly described the exact same birdbath that I previously photographed. I swear didn’t mean for it to appear in two daily creates in a row like that. I must think about that thing more than I realize.

Finally, I had to write a canonical rule for ds106. This one relates to my personal approach to this class. I have, on several occasions, bent the rules of assignments because I had better ideas that just barely didn’t fit.


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