Women of Computing Response

In my Hardware and Networking class, we watched a short documentary about the women who programmed the ENIAC computer and went unaccredited for decades as an example for our own video projects. One thing I noticed was the camera position while the women were talking. Sometimes, the speaker was a third away from the edge of the screen; other times, the speaker was dead center in the shot. Some speakers were also shown in front of a green screen. I also noticed that the screen was never still. Even when pictures were shown, they panned across the screen slowly and faded into one another rather than sitting still. The photos were also taken in various styles: some black and white and some more modern looking.

Another thing I noticed was transparent shots over opaque backgrounds. The story was told fairly quickly and not a lot of nitty gritty details were given. This was likely done to keep the film from dragging along and becoming boring. This went along with the short duration of most of the shots. This leads me to believe this film was intended to entertain just as much as it was intended to inform.


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