Radio Show Final Thoughts

On Wednesday 10-19-16 at 7:30 pm, I listened to the radio shows created by students from other schools as well as my own classmates. All the shows were very different from one another, but they were connected by a common thread in the form of a focus on the internet. I also live tweeted the event.  I interacted with a couple of my classmates several times. We even invented a new hashtag #KylieHorseLaugh. The live tweeting was honestly more memorable than the broadcast itself. Just to be funny, I took on a cocky and arrogant attitude about my class’s radio show being the best.

It was cool to see everything finally come together. I think the fake commercials were the most amusing part of the experience because most students went straight to humor. I especially remember a commercial where a guy was shouting quite harshly and clipping the microphone. I think he was advertising some kind of male hygiene product, but I don’t remember the specifics. By far, the biggest issue with our radio show was the inconsistency in volumes between speakers. Some compression on the master track would have helped to even the volumes out, but we ideally should have used multiple microphones instead of just one. Our radio show can be heard in its entirety here:

I was invited to a broadcasted google chat to discuss the radio shows after they played. I agreed to it. I got confused because I left the radio broadcast on when I entered the chat and so I heard everything repeat after a delay. It was only to an audience of around nine people, but I still feel pretty accomplished after my first appearance on live radio.

The bass battle I created with Michael wasn’t aired due to time constraints, but I’m not too salty about that. The bass battle still has a home on my soundcloud.



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