Why do I Love the Bass?

Picking a favorite instrument is like picking a favorite kid or a favorite pet. Everyone says you shouldn’t do it, but everyone secretly does it anyway.

This is my response to the My Favorite Things to Do assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to record a video of myself engaged in my favorite hobby. I chose playing the bass. I also play guitar, ukulele, and keyboard, but I don’t enjoy those instruments quite like bass. I enjoy bass the most because of how it is so much more responsive to my playing than other instruments. I can feel the low frequencies resonate through my entire body. The heavy strings feel much more tactile under my fingers than the lighter strings of other instruments. The strings have the perfect amount of resistance when I pick them. Playing the bass is a very visceral experience.

As always, the audio here was recorded in Reaper. I used MT Power Drumkit to make the drum track. I improvised over the drum track following a C-blues scale. I know I tend to overuse the blues scale, but it is one of the easiest scales to just jam in.


2 thoughts on “Why do I Love the Bass?

  1. billgx says:

    This is great. I like how you demonstrated your hobby, and how you shared the tools you are using. Maybe you could do a workshop on these tools sometime?


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