Sometimes, it’s Okay to Play Pokemon at School

This is my response to the Screen Capture Story assignment, worth 2.5 stars. I had to record something I do on my computer that tells a story. I told the only story that is really worth hearing: the story of a girl who wanted to be the very best like no one ever was. I am battling in Pokemon Showdown, a competitive Pokemon emulator that can run straight out of a web browser. It allows users to get real experience battling against real players without the hassle of building a team in an actual Pokemon game. As you can tell by the tragic watermark, this was recorded with Bandicam. It probably wouldn’t have been too hard to crop the watermark out, but it really wasn’t obstructing anything important, so I left it alone.

In this particular battle, I get really cocky and then find myself in a rather dire situation. Some of my reactions were a little bit played up for the camera, but it is not at all unusual for me to get fired up like this during battles. I can say that my reaction at the end is completely 100% authentic.


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