Winnebago Man Documentary Response

In my digital media class, we watched a documentary titled Winnebago Man about Jack Rebney, a man who is famous on the internet for an outtake reel from a RV sales video. Due to the heat and the flies, Jack was very agitated throughout the filming process and the outtake reel contains footage of him screaming and cursing.In the interest of avoiding a lengthy and uninteresting summary, I will be writing this under the assumption that you have already seen the film. This blog post may contain spoilers. Also, I was going to include screenshots from the documentary, but I couldn’t find a free place to stream it on the internet.

The opening scene of the documentary is Jack angrily cussing out Ben Steinbauer, the creator of the documentary. This was a very attention grabbing and amusing introduction to the film. If I recall correctly, the camera moved around more than usually during this scene, making Jack’s wrath feel all the more chaotic. This scene set up the rest of the film quite nicely. During the long search for jack, memories of this scene reassure viewers that the search will bear fruit.

As Ben drives through the woods to Jack’s cabin, panning shots are shown of nature.  This gives viewers a good idea of how Jack lives.  These shots have slightly different meanings the two times they are shown. The first time, they create a sense of peace and serenity as Jack is shown to be kind and caring. The second time, the shots create tension leading up to an expected outburst from the real Jack.


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