The Story of Reverend Evadne Tuxhorn

This is my response to the Mini Documentary assignment. I had to create a short documentary about a person’s life, however, there was a catch: the person couldn’t be a close friend or family member. Given my shy and reclusive nature, I thought this would be a big problem at first. I then realized that my mom hangs out with some very interesting people, so I asked if I could interview one of her friends for the video. I was specifically thinking about interviewing Evadne Tuxhorn, so I asked my mom to talk to her about it and she agreed to do it.

Evadne Tuxhorn is a psychic and the minister of a Christian Spiritualist church in Wells Kansas. She was a very interesting person to talk to. Conducting the interview was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I really only had to ask a few questions and Evadne gave me a lot work with. The hardest part of the project was determining what was important enough to go into the final, 2-3 minute film. I had around 24 minutes of total recorded speech. I put in some panning shots of various parts of her house to really give viewers a feel for her environment.


2 thoughts on “The Story of Reverend Evadne Tuxhorn

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