Lab 7: Subnetting


My objective in completing this lab was to develop an understanding of subnetting through hands on experience by building a working network with subnetworks with my class.

Equipment List:

8 Computers, seven switches, seven routers, Ethernet cables.

Notes and Observations:

We started with the network address, a class B network.  The default subnet mask for this network is  We were to create 8 subnetworks, so we needed 3 bits for subnetting. The resulting mask, used by every device on the network was

First, I had to disconnect my computer from the school network. I had to manually set my IP address, my subnet mask, and my gateway address. The gateway has to match the IP address of the router, which I set later.

I set my IP to

my subnet mask to

and my gateway to


I had to plug my computer and a router into a switch. The router was also connected to a different switch that had two other computers connected to it. 20161104_110433

Next, I had to program the router. I set the IP address of the router to, the same numbers as my gateway.

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures:

Here is a map of all the routers, switches, and computers used to create this network.



In the end, the class network didn’t work. Chunks of computers were able to communicate successfully, but not all computers were able to communicate with one another. I got my computer and router to work, which is a huge step forward from the last time I worked with routers and switches, so I am satisfied. I was completely lost last time we built a network in class, but I felt like I somewhat understood it this time. This lab really made me appreciate the experts who can make networks function seamlessly and the fact that my home network almost always works.


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