Chihuahua Performs at Local Comedy Club and the Crowd Can’t get Enough

This is my response to the Sound Effects Stories assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to merge various sound effects to create a story. Here, I tell the story of a Chihuahua who performs at a comedy club and is quite loved by the crowd. Most of the sounds are from I tapped my webcam mic for the soundcheck tapping and scratching as well as the breath sound. I recorded the ambiance of my room as a subtle effect to make it sound more like all of this audio was recorded in the same place.


The Weather is More Unstable Than my Neighbors’ Marriage!

This is my response to the What’s The Weather In Your Neck Of The Woods?¬†assignment. I had to create a video of myself forecasting the weather. Weather is never interesting to watch, so I set out to change that! The most challenging part of this video was probably getting the Cyberlox (the springy tube stuff) into my hair. I had to put my hair into pigtail buns on top of my head, then wrap hair ties attached to the Cyberlox around the buns. Finding a make-shift weather map was pretty fun. I made it from leftover poster board. I tend to be awkward in front of the camera, so I made that a part of the video by becoming a disorganized and under-prepared weather forecaster. There is also a vague plot underneath the events in this video.