Who Will Lead us Without Harambe?

This is my response to the Fictional Radio Ad assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to make an imaginary radio advertisement. I chose to promote the election of King Harambe’s successor. I tied this back to the semester’s overarching theme of the internet by building it on an internet meme, Harambe. I don’t know when Harambe first got labeled as a King, but I ran with that idea. I recorded my voice in Reaper. For the background music, I improvised on my MIDI keyboard with the piano sound loaded in Garritan Personal Orchestra. I wanted the music to start out dark and somber and then light up with hope as I discuss the prospect of a new leader. I decided improvising was better than composing something because that made the tune more spontaneous than something that was more carefully crafted. I also recorded without a metronome so the tempo would ebb and flow with the mood of the song.


Don’t Break Your Back

This is my response to the Motivational Poster assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to design a motivational poster with a picture and a quote. I used Inkscape. Actually putting this little project together was very easy. The hard part was deciding what to do. There were so many possibilities and I didn’t want to miss any golden opportunities, but I knew I wanted to do something humorous. I used a photo of my old office chair that I literally used until it broke in half. It showed signs it was close to giving out, but I chose to keep using it anyway because “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The pump that kept the chair raised stopped working and the chair starting resting at extreme and unnatural angles a few days before the incident. If I remember correctly, I was actually sitting in this chair when it gave up on life and I got dumped forward onto the floor as the once-comfy chair fell backwards to its untimely demise.

motivational poster.png

Chihuahua Performs at Local Comedy Club and the Crowd Can’t get Enough

This is my response to the Sound Effects Stories assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to merge various sound effects to create a story. Here, I tell the story of a Chihuahua who performs at a comedy club and is quite loved by the crowd. Most of the sounds are from freesounds.com. I tapped my webcam mic for the soundcheck tapping and scratching as well as the breath sound. I recorded the ambiance of my room as a subtle effect to make it sound more like all of this audio was recorded in the same place.

Tuning in to get Turnt

This is my response to the Create a Radio Bumper assignment. I had to create a short radio bumper for the Ds106 radio station. When I hear the term “bumper,” the first thing I think of is cars, so it only made sense to base the bumper around that. I started with a car crash sound sample. I recorded my voice and the bass with Reaper. The drum samples were made with MT Power Drum Kit, a MIDI instrument that simulates an acoustic drum set.