Online Dating Podcast Script

The title of this post is misleading. I don’t like scripts, I always sound unnatural and mechanical when I use them, so instead, I will be following more of a loose outline.

To grab the audience with drama and humor, I will open by talking about online dating scams. I will then transition to talking about online dating blogging and how embarrassing it would be to be the star of a blog post.

A bit of honesty about how harsh I’m being will segue me to my thesis questions: Does Online Dating Work? How does it compare to dating in real life?

I will cite a few statistics and then tell more stories, including one about a couple who met in 1965 using an early matchmaking computer. This will demonstrate that computer algorithm based matchmaking is an old concept that has always been successful at least part of the time.

It would be a shame not to include some of my own personal stories. I will talk about the one major creep I’ve talked to and how he was the exception and most of the guys I’ve talked to have actually been super nice to me. I will then talk about how the experience helped me to realize I am, in fact, gay.

Finally, I will hit listeners with my true thesis: that the end goal of being in a relationship should not overshadow all of the quirky experiences and stories that can be gained from online dating.