Digital Media Week 3: Internet In 1946

I wrote this blog post where I responded to As We May Think and I also shared my findings after having researched the ENIAC.

I also completed three Daily Create assignments.

I made this poster around the theme of designing at my best and at my worst:

I also came up with a new Top level domain:

Fianlly, I wrote an acrostic poem about Donald Trump:

I saw an acrostic poem using the word “what,” so I responded by writing one based on the word “why.”

I also had to complete eight stars worth of assignment bank assignments across at least three categories.

I wrote a crossover fanfiction about Beauty and the Beast and Slenderman, titled “Belle’s Aweful Taste in Men.”

I also made a video of myself forecasting the weather, titled “The Weather is More Unstable than my Neighbors’ Marriage.”

Finally, I made a goofy alternative cover for The Crucible.


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