Who Will Lead us Without Harambe?

This is my response to the Fictional Radio Ad assignment, worth 4 stars. I had to make an imaginary radio advertisement. I chose to promote the election of King Harambe’s successor. I tied this back to the semester’s overarching theme of the internet by building it on an internet meme, Harambe. I don’t know when Harambe first got labeled as a King, but I ran with that idea. I recorded my voice in Reaper. For the background music, I improvised on my MIDI keyboard with the piano sound loaded in Garritan Personal Orchestra. I wanted the music to start out dark and somber and then light up with hope as I discuss the prospect of a new leader. I decided improvising was better than composing something because that made the tune more spontaneous than something that was more carefully crafted. I also recorded without a metronome so the tempo would ebb and flow with the mood of the song.

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